Technical Support

We offer several avenues of technical support to help you use effectively.
1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - See below.

2. Help for Coaches, Officials, Parents and Players. - If you cannot log in or would like other help from your league CLICK HERE

3. User Help - You can access User Help from any page in the system. It is organized by topic and is indexed. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS HELP

4. Context Sensitive Help - Accessed by clicking on the question mark in the little green box on most pages, you will find help in using the page you are viewing.

5. Help for Account Holders - if you have an account LOGIN HERE and click on "Technical Support" on your home page.


Question 1: How do I register as a coach?
Answer: There are two ways for you to get into as a coach. The first is to contact your league game scheduler and ask him or her to add you in. He or she will need at least your name, email address, and what team you coach. There is another method that only works if someone else is already entered in as a coach, manager or team contact for your team. In that case, you can ask them to add you in to the team as a coach. They can do that from their "Edit Team" link.

Question 2: How do I register as an official?
Answer: To get on the official list for a league, you must contact the official coordinator for that league. Tell him your name, email address, your official license level, and the types of games you would be comfortable to official. He can then add you to the official list.

Question 3: How do I enter game results if I am a team official?
Answer: Login to your account and go to View Team > Make Report

Question 4: How do I find out my log in name or password if I forgot it?
Answer: CLICK HERE  -  If you receive the message "Sorry, we found no users with that email address", please contact your league administrator for help. To find your league administrator's info, go to SCHEDULES above, select your league, and click on SHOW League Officers.

Question 5: How do I change my user account information?
Answer: Login into your account, and click on Edit Personal Info from your User Home page.

Question 6: How do I view my division schedule?
Answer: Go to SCHEDULES above, select your league, and pick your division.

Question 7: How do I view my team schedule?
Answer: If you have an user account, login and go to View Team. Otherwise, from the division schedule page, click on SHOW Teams, and click on your team.

Question 8: How do I print my team schedule?
Answer: Click on Printable Team Page, and use your browser's print function.

Question 9: How can I tell if there is a problem with my internet connection?
Answer: Our site has greater than 99% uptime, so if you are having trouble connecting, it is unlikely the site is actually down. Check to see if you can connect to other web sites, such as Yahoo, Amazon, or Google. Also, sometimes the Internet itself is slowed down, which can sometimes cause temporary access problems. In that case, you should simply try again in a few minutes.