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Who: Field Coordinator

For information about adding and editing fields, see Field Coordinator.

Venue Conflicts

Whenever a schedule is created or a game is added or edited, the scheduling engine automatically checks for any field conflicts. A message will be displayed warning that there is a field conflict, and direct you to the View Field Usage or View Official Assignments page to find the conflict. The message is just a warning -- the game is entered and the field assigned. A green "VENUE CONFLICT" will appear by the game on the schedule if there is a field conflict. The "VENUE CONFLICT" note is put in the game comments field -- so it can be reworded or removed if desired (See Edit Game to edit a game).

Each field in a field complex needs to be entered separately to avoid venue conflicts, e.g., King South, King North, etc.

If games are scheduled too tightly, then "
VENUE CONFLICT" messages will occur. For example, league games scheduled for U-19 at 90 minute intervals will generate warnings, since the default interval for U-19 is 120 minutes. Either the games need to be scheduled at 120 minute intervals or the default interval shortened. See Definitions for an explanation of game intervals.

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