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Paying Officials Internally

Go to Games Officiated to generate a report showing the games officiated by each official. You can specify the date range for the report. The report will use the official payment table (See Set Official Pay) to determine the payment for each game and the total for the period specified. If the No-Show checkbox is checked, then the payment for that game is not included. provides an Excel template to track payments to individual officials. Once you have created the desired report you can generate official payment reports using the template by following this procedure:

1. Click on Export Games Officiated

2. A page will be created with the report data. Save this data as a file using the ".txt" extension for file type.

3. Using Excel open the file. The excel program will take you through some steps first. Be sure to specify a tab-delimited file.

For each official:
4. Highlight the data for that official starting with the cell listing the official's name.

5. Open the Ref Payments TEMPLATE, click on the PASTE HERE cell, and paste the data.

6. Click on the Payment Records tab to see the report. The report is formatted for printing. Save As, changing the name of the file to something unique, like the official's name.

To download the Official Payments Template, click here. Below is a example of an official payment report. Of course you can customize the template to suit your needs.

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